DSC_0017 (2)Hayden Wand was born one summer’s afternoon in the late twentieth century, midway through that decade called “the nineties.” The previous nine months of existence had accustomed her to darkly-lit isolation, something she never entirely outgrew. Due to these tendencies, in some circles (i.e. her family) she has been called a vampire, but this is very likely untrue.

Her parents were sincere and devout in their desire to teach her in the ways of the Lord, and they homeschooled Hayden and all four of her younger siblings. She became a Christian during this time, and continues to take great comfort in the words of the Bible.

Photographic evidence proves that her predilection for literature was acquired at an early age, and she eagerly devoured any book she could get her hands upon. At the age of nine she penned her first story, but it is unfortunately unavailable to the public as it has since been viciously shredded and enthusiastically burnt.

The writing continued, however, and after graduating high school, she spent three years completing her first novel, Hidden Pearls. It was also during this time she had a novella, “The Wulver’s Rose,” published in the Five Enchanted Roses fairy tale collection. She very much encourages the reader to buy her work, since starving writers much prefer the adjective “well-fed.” Thankfully, if the reading public proves heartless, she has a wonderful mother with excellent talent in the cooking department. She began blogging on Blogger back in 2010; now, she’s here on WordPress, hopefully to stay.

Hayden loves stories in all forms, but especially those written by Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, L.M. Montgomery, and C.S. Lewis. She has an alarming obsession with Sherlock Holmes, which she claims began after an early childhood viewing of The Great Mouse Detective, and a great affinity for mysteries in general. She also has an appreciation for black-and white films, musicals, action movies, superheroes, and science fiction.

She currently lives in South Carolina with her family.