Am I Back? Maybe.

I have officially made the transition from “student” to “unemployed.”

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In all honesty, though, it feels SO GOOD to finally be done with college. Graduation went well (I think? There were a lot of names to sit through. I may have zoned out a couple several times) and now I have an official-looking diploma as physical proof that I have paid enough dues in papers and exams to be considered Educated™. Of course, this also means…

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I also saw Endgame, which I thought about reviewing, but decided not to, less because of spoilers and more because of the fact that I just have too many feelings and thoughts. I really don’t think my review would be completely coherent–especially because SO MUCH happened in the movie that I would just get frustrated if I tried to cover everything. Long story short: all things considered, I thought it was both good and satisfying. There are genius throwbacks to the previous movies, fabulous instances of poetic justice, and some truly cheer-worthy scenes. Though Marvel won’t stop making movies (of course) it really does feel like “The End.” The non-spoilery spoiler is that I only felt myself getting emotional at one point– during a specific portion of the end credits (and no, there’s no end credits scene. I mean the actual credits). I guess it was then that it hit me that this really was the last Avengers film and…those stories have come to mean a lot to me over the years.

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Speaking of stories, I’m trying to read for fun again. and…it’s hard ??? I’ve always been the type of reader who could fly through books in less than a day (sometimes, within an hour or two) but ever since I’ve been in school, my reading life has slowly been deteriorating. Last month I read a total of 5 books, which doesn’t seem too bad until you realize two were for school and two were comic books.

So yeah.

As far as comics go, I went to my first comic book store on Free Comic Book Day! It was a lot of fun and I really loved it. I normally get my comics through Hoopla Digital, but it is really nice to get paper copies rather than digital ones. I’m still a pretty new comic reader, but they’ve been my main source of fiction this past year or so of school. And a word of advice to anyone contemplating getting into comic books for the first time: literally the only way to enjoy them is to ignore 90% of comic canon at large and what an utter mess it is, and focus on the 10% that’s really, really good.Image result for it's true gif

This is a lesson better learned earlier than later.

In other news…Christine at Fairy Tale Central gave a lovely review of With Blossoms Gold as part of this month’s fairy tale theme of “Rapunzel” AND my interview with FTC is up today! You can check it out here.

Also, my family is gearing up to embark on our FIRST EVER FAMILY VACATION. I’m not going to be posting much on that until after we get back for safety reasons, but rest assured I am beyond excited.Image result for excited gif

Until I come back with a summer tan & vacation stories,



10 thoughts on “Am I Back? Maybe.

  1. I, too, cried during That Specific Portion of the End Credits of Endgame (at least, I have a very strong feeling it was the same one!). I kept it together the entire movie, even though I had two sisters and my mom alongside me who pretty much cried on and off throughout the film–but when That Specific Portion unfolded…GOSH. I just burst into tears. It really did feel like “The End,” and that I was saying goodbye to six characters I’ve come to love like friends. But yes, it was such an emotionally satisfying film. Even the few complaints I did have are very minor in the long run.

    Hope you enjoy your vacation!

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  2. CONGRATS ON GRADUATING!!! That is soooo exciting! I do hope the job hunting goes well! *HUGS*

    All your thoughts on Endgame are so accurate! I, too, have been in debate if to do a review or not but goodness gracious, do I have a lot of thoughts. I fear if I did it’d be a 10k word review. Sooo…I don’t know. But wow, that movie. o.o

    Thank you for being on FTC today! We were so exciting to have you! I just adored With Blossoms Gold. ^_^

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    1. Thanks! *hugs back* This is my first time really job hunting (in the traditional sense) so it’s all very new and intimidating to me!

      Yes…I was like, I can either sum up my Endgame feelings in a paragraph, or commit and write a novel-size review. So I went with the paragraph, lol.

      Thank you for having me on FTC! I’m so glad you enjoyed With Blossoms Gold 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. Congrats on your graduation! And yay for the next stage! 😉

    Ohmyword, Endgame. I don’t know if I could summon all my feelings on the movie as well other than I loved it. I don’t think I cried a lot during the movie (I teared up), but for two days after, I kept fighting tears at work when thinking of certain scenes lol. It’s just – emotional. Marvel has been a big thing in my life for sooo long too.

    Thank you so much for interviewing on FTC! We loved having you!

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  4. I remember that when I graduated from college, I walked around in a sort of haze for about a week. A family friend said I looked like I’d just gotten out of prison and was readjusting to normal life.

    And than I got married like a month later, so that was another whole adjustment to deal with.

    But probably my absolute favorite thing about Not Being a Student Anymore was that nobody was telling me what to read anymore. I could dive into those books I’d been meaning to read but not getting to for four years. I could try random books by authors I’d never heard of. I could read graphic novels and middle-grade books and whatever the blankety-blank I wanted. It was glorious. Eventually. Took me a few months to get used to that freedom to read for fun and not for paper-topic fuel. You’ll get there.

    Also, congrats on graduating! Hope your vacation is awesome 🙂

    And I adore Endgame. The end.

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    1. Thank you! I HAVE felt like I’ve been in a daze. I think I’m started to come out of it, but school has taken up so much of my life it seems so weird. But I AM starting to read again, now! I made a list of for-fun books and am starting to go through it and it’s been pretty good so far! I think my brain just needed time to shut off its school-analyzing functions, lol.



    I never was able to get into the Marvel fanbase, and there’s a part of me that feels a little out of the loop (is that accurate? IDK?) about it, but I definitely do identify with feeling like you have too MANY feelings about a movie to accurately process and condense them into a review. Aka, why I justify basically never writing movie reviews anymore. But I do love to read a good one. It’s just hard to disseminate thoughts sometimes. I miss my teenage fangirly lack of inhibition. haha.

    Anyway, it’s good to see you back at blogging. 😀

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    1. Yay! Amy! Gosh, it seems like it’s been ages since we were fangirling over movies in the comment sections, lol!

      Yeah, there have been several movies I’ve thought about posting on lately but just the thought of streamlining my thoughts into a coherent review seems exhausting.

      Thanks! We’ll see if I can get back to blogging somewhat regularly for once, haha :/


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