Another November…

…another year not doing NaNo. Guys, I so miss NaNoWriMo so much! I tried doing it my first year of college…and the next…but I had to let it go. I told myself that of course I could carve the time to write everyday. But the thing is, it turns out time isn’t the issue.

It’s my brain.

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Because of my chosen area of study, I have a lot of writing I have to do. And after spending hours and hours a day studying, writing and looking at words…when I get a spare moment to rest…my brain just won’t word anymore.

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For my own mental sanity and health, trying to fit in nearly 2,000 words of extra writing a day just wasn’t going to work. It took me two years to come to terms with this, but I am okay now.


But I am happy this year! Because this is my last NaNo in college, and then I’ll be DONE WITH SCHOOL and can focus on writing!! (and, you know, getting a job, but that’s less exciting)

(Also, I finished writing my Research Prospectus today, so that’s good! I mean, anytime you finish a ten-page paper about what you’re going to write a paper about, that’s cause for celebration right there)

Anyway, even though I’m not NaNo-ing, I love reading about everyone else’s projects! So, if you’re participating, what are you working on? (and if you’re blogging about it, I’d love to check it out!)

Good luck to all of you NaNo-ers, off to create fantabulous stories. May inspiration be plentiful and your goals within reach.

2 thoughts on “Another November…

  1. *sympathy*. I also can’t participate in NaNo either this year because of writing-related work (I’m editing a novel for my friends). But there’s always next year—and you never know, you might find unexpected time for pleasure writing here and there! Hope your studies continue to go well!

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